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4. Point Line Cloud

Saturday 23 December 2006, by jmc

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POINT LINE CLOUD Music of Curtis Roads, Visual of Brian O’ Reilly

POINT LINE CLOUDS is a collection of electronic music pieces completed over the period 1999 to 2003. These works are the result of intense encounters with the sound. They were all composed with similar tools and share a common methodology: electronic synthesis of sound particles combined with granulation processes that scatter the particles into streams and clouds. POINT LINE SEWS contains several viualisations of sound. Visualizations of Sonal Atoms by Woon Seug Yeo and James Ingram emerged out of the Ynez research project at the Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology (CREATE), University of Santa Barbara. The Ynez project explores advanced representations and notations of music. Among the goals of Ynez is the development of new forms of graphic notation and visualization for the electronic music. Woon Seung Yeo’s video is the product of a detailed analysis of the spectrum of the piece combined with an innovative way of mapping this this data artistically. Brian O’Reilly’s involvment in the Inez project led to an artistic collaboration beginnning with the video of Sculptor, which he realized in 2001. Eventuallly, O’ Reilly realized videos for all the works in POINT LINE CLOUD. In this collaboration, the music was composed prior to the visualizations. O’Reilly then created visual renderings of this music using an extensive array of cameras, archival footage, equipments and software.

Curtis Roads Extracts from the notes of programs of CD/DVD NOT LINE CLOUD

Asphodel, San Francisco, 2004

Pictor Alpha by Gary Kling

Sculptor by Brian O’ Reilly

Sonal Atoms by Woon Seung Yeo

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