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5. Research perspectives

Saturday 23 December 2006, by admin

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We consider the visualisation of sound as an emulation of sound in the visual area, by operating jointly with sound and visual.We are also interested by the relations between image, sound, gesture and the perception of movement within the context of virtual environments and technological convergence. A perspective to explore in the mobile phone and nomad technologies would be to conceive sound and image as a signal (we oppose here sign and signal). Image would express rythms, temporality and others characteristics tradionally linked to music. We have then to explore the concept of intersensoriality: how to compose with sound and images, a visual music?

We could start with a study of the relations of complementarity between sound and image. How the visual can help to listen to the spatialisation of sound? Can the spatialisation of sound contribute to enhance a visualisation? How much a sound loose its perceptive importance as soon as it is visualised? Where is the threshold beyond which the image perception take over the musical perception? Is there a level between sign and signal?

Visualisation prototypes for mobile phones realised by Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut

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