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4. Interactions image-sound

Saturday 23 December 2006, by admin

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An approach turned towards artistic creation invites our group to be interested in proposals of visualizations simply based on the poetic juxtaposition of two media, or their Co-composition, in parallel, perhaps aiming the emergence of a composite work. The proposal of mapping and a setting in interface is major in the vidéos Point, line, Cloud [1] of Curtis Roads and Brian O’ Reilly. It constitutes on this subject a beautiful illustration, just like Time Mass Velocity, by Benoit Courribet [2].

POINT LINE CLOUDS, Curtis Roads and Brian O’Reilly

Time Mass Velocity, Musique and video, Benoît Courribet


[1] Curtis Roads, "Point line cloud", Visuels de Brian O’Reily, DVD Asphodel, San Francisco, 2005.

[2] B. Courribet: Réflexions sur les relations musique/vidéo et stratégies de mapping pour Max/MSP/Jitter. Actes des JIM 2005.

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