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Saturday 23 December 2006, by jmc

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The software Sonos results from a research task on visualisation. Using a graphic interface of transformation, it makes it possible to modify the spectrum of the sound in real time. The technologies implemented in Sonos are detailed in two articles. The sources are available in the form of a patch Max/MSP. There is also an application version (standalone) which functions without Max. Sonos is distributed underGNU LGPL. An application for Windows will be soon available.

Abstraction de sonos Max/MSP/Jitter (OS X et Windows XP)
Sonos application pour OS X


Interactive software of generation of particles (caterpillars) which generate a sound while rebounding on walls.

chenillard pour macintosh os x
chenillard pour pc, windows xp/nt/2000 (nécessite Quick time)


Trajectory is a Max/MSP abstraction which makes it possible to draw trajectories. Used with tools of sound spatialization such as ambipan or vbapan it allows to spatialize very simply many sound sources.

trajectory OS X
trajectory pour windows

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