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1. Ash

Saturday 23 December 2006, by jmc

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Visualisation prototypes developed with Max/MSP/Jitter

To see a video, download the whole file (just click on the image). It may take time, as we choose not to compress the sound.

(13.8 Mo)

(20.7 Mo)

(20.8 Mo)

(18.8 Mo)

In the visualisations presented here, several techniques of mapping are used. The parameter extracted from the sound which is used the most for the graphic transformations is the loudness, obtained here thanks to object MSP ’ loudness ’ of Tristan Jehan) .The values obtained for each channel control the size of the object and the going beyond of thresholds of volume modifies the color of the object and the background color. The transients detected (object MSP segment of Tristan Jehan) start a rotation of the object 3d in space. Lastly, the object itself is built in OpenGL by the spectrum of the sound. A STFT here is used - Short Time Fourier Transform - whose each vector is distributed on a circle by a conversion into polar co-ordinates. The matrix obtained is then applied like texture and primitive of the OpenGL object.

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